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jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2020

Kick off: Basic terminologies: DFP tutorial

GDN ( Google display network - extension google ads plataform 

(formerly google adwords)

DSP (demand) - buy ad space programmatilly online.

DFP/GAM - Publishers can sell their inventory on ADX via a supply ( SSP)  and/or Google´s ad server ( DFP/GAM)

Once again:

AdX: allows adv and agencies to purcharse media( via DSP) Publishers can sell their invetory on ADX via (SSP) or/and google´s adserver - DoubleClick for Publishers ( DFP/GAM)

ADMIN: Network code : Publisher AD: To link AdX con DFP (GAM)

DeliveryHouses all the diferent orders for Adnetworks

Orders: Line items - Advertisers ( AdX/AdNetwork/Adsense)

Orders: field in the DFP where your ad network advertiser & trafficker is labelled

Adsense order on DFP: One target unit per line item

Inventory: Stores all ad units and placements created

Inventory: New ad unit targeted on line items, therefore Orders

Line: Break down the orders targeting (geo, age, preferences, etc...)

Reports: unfilled impressions

I - Initial Planning:  Ad units - display on site
Placements: group of ad units : Specific targeting criteria
granular: Top 300x250 News_300x2250_top
Unclick:  Adsense inventory setting
Refresh rate:  increase revenue 

Inventory:  Generate tags:  Enable single request: 
leave unchecked - enable single request, often generating discrepancy in the report . Site speed improves - GPT ( Google Publisher Tag):  Syn - load the same time of the content. 

DFP ADTags:  Inventory: Generate tags: Enable syn requests and enable single request: Generate 2 tags. Doc body and Doc header to deploy on publisher site.


Double Click for Publisher : ( DFP) ad server + Double Click Ad Exchange (ADX) source into unified platform called (merged to): Google Ad Manager (GAM)

Delivery  > Order = Adsense > line = XX_Adsense_chanXX

Delivery  >Order > Line >  chXX_XX_aft_728x90 ( aft= above fold time)  

Unchecked: Allow same adverstiser exception - avoid  unfilled impressions

Type: Price priority_ Adsense wins impressions over other adnetworks.

Rate: The minimium CPM -  Important to set for price priority
(click set value CPM - automatically populate with rate)

Add targeting > Adding with  Ad units 

Third -party:  adding code creative: 
Get code from Adsense account > DFP should be able to recognise this as a google tag.

Create one order per adnetwork
Create one line item per ad unit

AdX order on DFP:

Delivery  > Order = Adexchange > line = chxx_XX_aft_728x90
Type: Ad Exchange
Add targeting > Adding with  Ad units = chxx_XX_aft_728x90
( save and upload creatives)

Code  Snippet:  Generate tags section ( disenable single request cuz generating discrespacies) syn content loading speed. two peace of code.) script async code.

DFP ADTags:  Inventory: Generate tags: Enable syn requests and enable single request: Generate 2 tags. Doc body and Doc header

Kick off: Basic terminologies: ADSERVING SSP DSP DMP DFP GAM PREBID


- Adsense = google adwords  (google ads) 
  Google network display - small businesses
- Adexchange - Google network premium
- Admanager  (DFP=GAM) - both platform 
  container codes - RTB links with ADX

- Double Click for Publisher 
( DFP) ad server + Ad Exchange source into unified platform called: Google Ad Manager (GAM)

- DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) and -  - Double Click Ad Exchange (ADX) merged into Google Ad manager 

- DoubleClick  Adverstiser + Google Analytics 360 Suite become Google Marketing Platform

AdX:  Allows adv and agencies to purchase media ( via DSP
Publishers can sell their inventory on ADX via (SSP) or/and google´s server 
DFP sells thro ADX 

Prebid.js: retrieves the stored requests to determine which bidders and parameters to use. It then calls the appropriate demand partners. Prebid.js library fetches bids and creative from various SSPs and ADX, then passes info about those bids, including price, to the ad server´s tag on-page. The ad server receives the info as query string parameters and the line target those bid and decides wins.

Basic Terminologies in Digital Advertising:

Ad unit/ Ad slot: displayed
Ad request ( trigger): passback - number of ads - user visits the page, and requesting ads. 
(Ad requests) = IP address browser - ad request to sent it
Passback&Default tag:  ad request ( price floor) passback to another partner: available bid - daisy chain -waterfall set up - Monetize to all ads request asap .

CPM ( cost per mile) : (revenue/impression)*1000 
RPM ( revenue per mille)( rev/(impressions/100))

Pageviews: 1 user, several pages. ( 5min, 22 sec) 
Good - engage the content/ site layout

Impressions:  clicks don't matter ( ads fetched) -  ads equal impressions 
5 ads meaning 5 impressions, another page, more ads, more impressions
Viewable:  at least 50% viewable  ( 1 sec for display  - 2 sec for videos) - user screen.
Fill rate/ covarage% : (impressions/ adrequests)
3 impressions/ 5 ad requests = 0.6 or  60%, only see 3 ads

Session: page 1, event 1, social, action...
(opens site 5pm - closed it at 5h15pm) = 1 session 
(opens site 5pm - closed it at 8pm) = 2 sessions ( 30 min)

Pageviews: 1 user, several pages. ( 5min, 22 sec) 

Ad per rages: impressions/page views: 
1MM/500.00 = ads per page:  2 ads per page
Users see 2 ads per page.

Page RPM/ Page view RPM:  Revenue per 1K page views: 
(rev./pageviews)*1000 = earn to 1K/500.00 =  
$2 per 1K page views visits - (rev/(pageviews/1000))

Freq. cap:  Ads show up for every unique user.
1x 24 once per unique user every 24 hours
1 x 12 twice per unique user every 12hrs

Introduction to AdX

AD EXCHANGE: Double click for PUB:  AD impressions
A system similar to stocks:  ad slots: set up the price - generate tag - $$$$

Double Click for Publisher ( DFP) ad server + Ad Exchange source into a unified platform called: Google Ad Manager (GAM)

DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) and Double Click Ad Exchange (ADX) merged into Google Ad manager 

DFP: Ad Serving: IP address browser - ad request to sent it
DoubleClick = DFP ( adserving) - overall Audience data

DFP Impression (GAM): Ad request ( IP user)  - targeting/ranking (20ms) opportunity cost sends to ADX  ( buyers) - Highster paying ad - ADX Dynamic Allocation - better price per slot.

Adserver waterfall = (direct orders + RTB auction ( exchange) + Fallback ( Adsense + house ads)

Header Bidding: Real-time bidding - Cherry-pick impressions at the highest priority  Called FIRST LOOK  

Adserver setup header bidding:
(Header auction (eCPM) + Direct orders + RTB + Fallback)

Publisher( SSP)/Head Bidding:  
First look at every single impression ( 30% - 60% increases in RPM)
Head Bidding executes, browser users call the demand partners 
( ex.: Appnexus, Index, OpenX, Amazon, Criteo) - less than 500milliseconds.

(Ad exchange conduct second price plus one cent)
Match with line item publisher ad server

How to set up Prebid.js

Some examples of Ad exchange/SSP: 
Appnexus, Index, Amazon, Rubicon, OpenX, Criteo, AOL, Pubmatic, Sovrn, Sonobi, etc..

Header bidding wrappers ( containers) like tag management - publishers manager their demand pass to adserver - centralized timeout - Opensource: Prebid.js ( Index have their only system).

AdManager360: GAM
Sales programmatic campaigns.
Delivery: sold campaigns - orders
Line: creatives
Inventory: available to sell
Video - Admin - ads.txt 
Orders section: DFP
New ad unit: 

Adsense re-render:
The unsold impression goes there. 
HAR file:
Inspection: Network - clic online - right botton - save Har file
hardcoded tags:  2 ways to server ads: Admanager: Adserving + ca-pub ( ID Adsense)

1) GAM
- have different advertisers to compete
- you get to compare the performance report between GAM and the ad net UI.
Ad requests: Network - search ads?

Ad server > order > LI > creative : anchor ad/ sticky bottom
Fixed sizes for ads served thru GAM: 
sticky_sidebar - 300x600
mid - 336x280
learboard_atf 970x90
anchor_sticky - 728x90
atf_ about the folder
btf_below the folder

2) Hardcoded  - view-source:https://www.XX
- you cannot compete different advertiser on 1 inventory - Adsense= responsive tag
ca-pub (  <script data-ad-client="ca-pub- XXXX
class= adsbygoogle

Google Policies:

Copyrighted:  Google has - public domain ( license if the content is not yours)
Copyright law:  Violates copyright laws - No allow to run google ads
Separated page for comments = user generated content
Scraped content:  Google has been taken from other websites, posted without permission
Unnatural attention Ads:  emoji, flash animation, symbols pointings 
What is not allowed: Faslhy animations, arrows or symbols pointings, emoji hands.

Shocking Content:  Gore, violent content, profanity, fights, shootings, bombs, etc...: 

Replicated content & no content: Scraped no provider any value to users. 

There is not  a shortcut for the success 😕

Sexual content: Nudity, sexually suggestive, sexual fetishes, medicaments,and supplements.

Auto refreshing ads: redirects and timers - auto-redirect and auto-refresh, pre-roll ( not inflate the numbers artificially)

Encouraging accidental clicks: Compensation or Encouraging to users clicks: support us, click on this ad, etc...cannot distinguish content than ads.

Dangerous or Derogatory content: Systemic discrimination or marginalization.