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lunes, 19 de octubre de 2020

Adsense: How yo get started with Adsense?

 How yo get started with Adsense?

The website needs to be compliant with Google´s term of service.
You have to make sure that, you only publish family friendly content and that content needs to be unique and offer values to visitors.

Adsense doesn´t have a minimium traffic requirement. The safest starting point is to publish at least 30 articles on your site before you apply or sign up.

Connect yout site to Adsense: On Home section, you will get a code, deploy it on the site.
It takes a few days to get approval. ( 2 -3 weeks)

How to add another site on your adsense account?

Ad layout prone to accidental clicks is a not good deal, as well as, shocking, copyright, scraped... Adsense doesnt like this things. Any vulgar or hateful comments from users can damage your brand, offend other users, and cause you to violate google´s policies.

Make sure your sites are compliant to google´s term, before to add them to your account.

Go to sites: add sites - make sure the code is live on your site in the source code, because that is how they can verify ownership.

AdSense display ad unit code must be deployed in the Between <body> </body>, where you want the ad to show up section of the source code.

You will need to enter your mail PIN accurately in your AdSense account or you won’t be eligible to receive payments.

Highlight points:

Format:  You won’t see Matched Content as an option in your AdSense account if your site doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages

Url channels: You When you input the root domain, it will include or track all the pages across al your subdomains. Will go to tracking everthing in this root domain.

Blocking controls: On Ad review center - You can only block up to 200 general categories and sub- categories.


Bid types:  

Total Spend/Total of clicks = CPC 

Publisher earned $500 for 100 clicks. How much was the CPC? 

Total Spend/ of as served)*1000 = CPM
(Revenue/User Engagements)*1000= CPE impression RPM

The ad sessions report lets you track your revenue generated from your user´s sessions. This report you can see how visitors interact with your site and how you earn revenue form their interactions.

An ad session is counted whenever is user visits your site and views one or more pages with ads within a certain period of time. 

(Total revenue/Ad session)*1000 = Ad session RPM

It´s important to remember there´s a 24 hour delay in processing session metrics.

Opportunities: There are four types of opportunities that you will find on your account: 
Related to ad settings, ad placement, ad categories and to your site.

Adsense will only show opportunities if they determine that they are applicable to your site and believe that they´lll have a positive revenue or traffic impact.

Experiments:  There are three types of experiments: Blocking controls, Ad Balance and Costum search style. Publisher dont need to make any changes in the ad code to run an experiment.

Payments:  No payment hold - meets threshold - It´s realised between the 21st and 26th of the month.

Policy Center:  Warming means that one or more of your site is not currently in complaince.
Disabled ad serving means that one of your sites is not currently in complaince with the program policies. Suspensed, use the suspension period to identify sources of invalid traffic, indentify and block suspicious traffic and put mensures in place to ensure that ad traffic complies with the guidelimes and polices.

You can add as many Administrators as you wish in your AdSense account.
AVOID TO GET BAND - to get the account back is very hard!
When you implement bot traffic suppression tool, it shows AdSense how serious you are in resolving the issue with invalid traffic.

Third party access:   You can monetize your content with AdSense host partners by 
linking the host partner with your AdSense account:)

GAM ACCOUNT:  Sign in with your Adsense account
Line items: 450 - Line items per order: 150 - Total creatives: 1M - Creatives per line: 260 Targeted criteria per line: 800  - Native styles: 500 - Up to 90million impressions/month, tier 1 countries - 200 million the rest of the world :P

What is the main purpose of linking AdSense with Google Ad Manager?
To run AdSense as backfill or on dynamic allocation

To use of Google GAM (AdManager) or an Ad server, allows you to target the right ads to the right audience, at the right time, device and frecuency.
There is an enormous control when using an ad server vs hard coding the Adsense tags on a site. The ad unit is placeholder for your ad.
To serve ads on them, you need to target them with a line item in GAM.A Granular idea!
To run AdSense on dynamic allocation, line item type need to be AdSense

Which of the following metrics should you pay attention to when evaluating ad unit performance? CTR and Viewability %
Google has removed the restriction on the number of ads publishers can run per page but the ratio of content to ads should be at least 50% content : 50% ads

There are a bunch of metrics. All of them serve their own purpose, but only a few really matter when it comes to ad optimization, and those metrics are the ones you should focus on.

True CPM:
(AdSense revenue/GAM impressions) x 1,000

<go this from Adsense /> and add the TRUE CPM on <ADMANAGER/> 

each line item on price priority ADManager setup.

Which line item type is ideally used for layout A/B testing?


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