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jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2020

Kick off: Basic terminologies: DFP tutorial

GDN ( Google display network - extension google ads plataform 

(formerly google adwords)

DSP (demand) - buy ad space programmatilly online.

DFP/GAM - Publishers can sell their inventory on ADX via a supply ( SSP)  and/or Google´s ad server ( DFP/GAM)

Once again:

AdX: allows adv and agencies to purcharse media( via DSP) Publishers can sell their invetory on ADX via (SSP) or/and google´s adserver - DoubleClick for Publishers ( DFP/GAM)

ADMIN: Network code : Publisher AD: To link AdX con DFP (GAM)

DeliveryHouses all the diferent orders for Adnetworks

Orders: Line items - Advertisers ( AdX/AdNetwork/Adsense)

Orders: field in the DFP where your ad network advertiser & trafficker is labelled

Adsense order on DFP: One target unit per line item

Inventory: Stores all ad units and placements created

Inventory: New ad unit targeted on line items, therefore Orders

Line: Break down the orders targeting (geo, age, preferences, etc...)

Reports: unfilled impressions

I - Initial Planning:  Ad units - display on site
Placements: group of ad units : Specific targeting criteria
granular: Top 300x250 News_300x2250_top
Unclick:  Adsense inventory setting
Refresh rate:  increase revenue 

Inventory:  Generate tags:  Enable single request: 
leave unchecked - enable single request, often generating discrepancy in the report . Site speed improves - GPT ( Google Publisher Tag):  Syn - load the same time of the content. 

DFP ADTags:  Inventory: Generate tags: Enable syn requests and enable single request: Generate 2 tags. Doc body and Doc header to deploy on publisher site.


Double Click for Publisher : ( DFP) ad server + Double Click Ad Exchange (ADX) source into unified platform called (merged to): Google Ad Manager (GAM)

Delivery  > Order = Adsense > line = XX_Adsense_chanXX

Delivery  >Order > Line >  chXX_XX_aft_728x90 ( aft= above fold time)  

Unchecked: Allow same adverstiser exception - avoid  unfilled impressions

Type: Price priority_ Adsense wins impressions over other adnetworks.

Rate: The minimium CPM -  Important to set for price priority
(click set value CPM - automatically populate with rate)

Add targeting > Adding with  Ad units 

Third -party:  adding code creative: 
Get code from Adsense account > DFP should be able to recognise this as a google tag.

Create one order per adnetwork
Create one line item per ad unit

AdX order on DFP:

Delivery  > Order = Adexchange > line = chxx_XX_aft_728x90
Type: Ad Exchange
Add targeting > Adding with  Ad units = chxx_XX_aft_728x90
( save and upload creatives)

Code  Snippet:  Generate tags section ( disenable single request cuz generating discrespacies) syn content loading speed. two peace of code.) script async code.

DFP ADTags:  Inventory: Generate tags: Enable syn requests and enable single request: Generate 2 tags. Doc body and Doc header

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